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Penis enlargement exercises

Posted by on Apr 4, 2016 in Penis enlargement | Comments Off on Penis enlargement exercises

I was watching the other day, one of my favorite TV shows, South Park. If you are not familiar with it, it’s a very controversial cartoon. It began in the nineties at it still airs. Anyway, I was watching some older episodes and I found really funny one, maybe one of  my favorites. In this episode, one of the leading characters, Cartman, thinks that their school put the list of sizes of children penises. However, it was a misunderstanding; it was sizes of how much they grew in the meantime. And because Cartman measures children penises again, he found out that he has the smallest penis in the whole school. Let me remind you that they are eight year old children. Anyway, Cartman was diagnosed with the anger problems and later in the episode, he meets other people who have anger problems.South-Park-Season-15-Episode-4-2-ea9f They all had small penises, so they created some kind of revolution and they were on the verge of being called terrorists. As I told, it’s a funny show, but it got me thinking. Are all people who have small penises have anger management problems and are all people frustrated with this issue? I am aware that this could be a problem, but there is a solution and I am not talking about some pills or devices. You could exercise your “pride”. Our body have that ability that you can improve any muscle in your body. That includes your phallus. So I will give you some exercises for your penis.

main-qimg-59ca639c87773347b80ea5b287b840dbFirst Exercise: Take the top your penis in the hand. After that, you should just pull and stretch. When you do this, you shouldn’t feel any uneasiness and anxiety. If you do feel, some discomfort, then you are doing it wrong or too strong. If you feel any painful process, something is wrong. So, this pull and stretch thing should last between ten and thirty seconds. Then give it a rest and try again. You could do this every day and the exercise lasts between five and ten minutes. If you want to improve the flexibility of your phallus, you could do this in other directions. You could pull and stretch in the left direction and right direction.

Second Exercise: This is a little bit of different training. Like in the previous, you take the top of your penis with one hand, and you use the thumb of your second hand and place it on the bottom of your phallus. Also, beware of any uneasiness and discomfort and try not to stop the circulation of your blood. There is circulation even down there. So, when you did this, then pull and hold with one hand and feel the stretch with your second hand. This lasts for about fifteen seconds and then make a pause. Exercise is done 5 minutes per day – every day for the best results.PC-Muscle-Exercise

Third Exercise: This exercise is interesting. You find your Pubococcygeus muscle, and you will find it when you stop your urine flowing. When you find it, practice that muscle by contracting it for thirty seconds. This is similar to women’s kegel exercise. You can also visit for more info.

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